No matter what issue you are experiencing with your vehicle, our team is trained to provide MORE LIFE and keep your vehicle on the road.

Here are some of the special services we provide:

  • Full transparency on what items pass or fail
  • You are able to wait while service is performed (45 Minutes)
  • We take pride in making sure when you get back in your car, you will be at ease knowing that all safety issues are addressed
  • Condition report of vehicle is provided to you when service is completed

  • Guaranteed Fast Service
  • We check all factory scheduled maintenance to ensure your vehicle stays in excellent shape
  • Condition report of vehicle is provided to you when service is completed

  • Any car trouble you are having, WE CAN FIX IT!
  • We are happy to look at any issue you may be experiencing for free*
  • All of our locations have "A" Level Technicians that can solve any issue you are experiencing
  • If you have any nosies, squeaks, vibrations, etc. you may be hearing while driving, feel free to stop by and we can have a technician take a ride with you

* Additional charges may apply should further diagnostic be needed to determine cause

  • Car no longer running?  Give us a call!  We will make sure a tow truck is on its way to pick up your vehicle
  • Need a jump start?  Give us a call and we can send one of our technicians out to get it started for you*

* Rides and Road Service must be within 5 miles of shop.  May not be possible due to staff available that day

If you are in need of any of the following services, stop by our shop anytime we are open and we will be more than happy to help:

  • Tire Repair
  • Fluid Check
  • Warning Light On
  • Noises/Vibrations
  • Exterior Bulb
  • Wiper Blades


  • Expert Managers

    Feel free to call with any questions you may have on your vehicle. Our experienced managers can give you the best advice.

  • Expert Technicians

    All of our shops feature "A" Level Technicians that can fix any issue.

  • Trusted Work

    We stand behind our work and offer a 12 Month / 12,000 Mile Warranty on all repairs.


Any vehicle that we pull in our garage receives Our 21-Point Inspection.  After the service is performed we will review the overall condition of your vehicle WITH YOU!

Here is the complete list our technicians check:

  • Verified Factory Scheduled Maintenance is up to Date
  • Test Operation of All Exterior Lights
  • Inspect Windshield Washer Operation and Fluid Level
  • Inspect Operation of Air Conditioning & Heating System
  • Check Engine Oil & Filter / Window Sticker
  • Check Transmission Fluid Level & Condition
  • Check Power Steering Fluid
  • Check Engine Coolant Level & Condition / (Rusted or Weak)
  • Inspect Belts for Cracking, Fraying, Slippage & Wear
  • Check Air Filter
  • Load Test Battery & Inspect Battery Cables
  • Inspect Condition of Radiator & Heating Hoses
  • Visually Inspect Undercarriage for Damage or Fluid Leaking
  • Inspect Tires (Including Spare) for Proper Inflation / Wear Pattern
  • Inspect CV Boots & Axles
  • Inspect Condition of Exhaust System
  • Inspect Engine & Transmission Mounts
  • Inspect Front & Rear Brakes / Test Emergency Brake
  • Inspect Brake / Clutch Hydraulic System
  • Inspect Ignition Components & Fuel Filter
  • Visual Check of Shock Absorbers or Struts